Shiner Gold Pomade 4 Oz Psycho Heavy Hold Combo Pack Wax Gel Hair Style USA NEW

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It's your "Time to Shine"

Shiner Gold is a heavy holding Pomade that goes in thick but won't rip your hair out. It works for all types of hair but was designed for thick and wavy-haired people in mind. Shiner Gold sets up hard but keeps it's comb- ability with a greasy feel.

Shiner Gold has a coconut scent with a nice shine and detail to tradition. 

You will not be disappointed with this great Pomade.

So this is Psycho Hold it is a thick heavy hold guaranteed to pull the waves out!

2 - 4oz [112 g] aluminum screw top containers, 1 of Heavy Hold and 1 of Psycho Hold. Made in USA.